In July 2007, the concession area of the Elk Theatre was not up to code 
as a food service establishment.  There was only a household two bin sink.
By the food service code, a three bin dish sink is required, it also requires a hand sink in all food prep areas.
Upon purchase, we installed the required equipment, and after our food service permit inspection,
we were legal to serve food from the snack bar.
We actually hold a full service restaurant permit; excluding deep frying,
we do not have an exhaust fan for grease vapor.
But since this world eats enough fried foods, we don't need to deep fry stuff.

Our Concession area measures approx. 10'w X  9'd . 

We hope to soon finish some additional renovations to the counters, floors and our antique candy display.
So far we have been working on function and operational not cosmetics, hopefully take care of that soon.



We had to build a cart for the Pepsi machine,
it was buckling the counter that previously held it.
Our cart has wheels and can be moved
as needed for cleaning.

.  2007-  snack bar w/ broken ice maker

Star m#99
We loved our old popcorn machine.
Star model #99 
It used 3350 watts of power. 
June 2010  My husband purchased me
a new full size refrigerator.
We needed a frig to prevent the chocolate candy from melting. With extra cold space we keep our water bottles cold and started selling Gatorade and energy drinks.  
 2008  We replaced the broken ice maker with a working one,
it makes 400lb. 

It cost  $2200.

A pot of popcorn started with
a pound of corn kernels.  

4/30/10 popcorn pot quit working!
5/7/10 we borrowed a popper
from a friend.  Thanks Ben !!!  

We also serve fresh roast coffee 
so we added a Bunn brew pot 

& a Bunn coffee bean grinder.  

We replaced the wiring,
both thermostats and both elements! 
$300 and Star M#99 worked great!
Until her gears gave us problems... 

So in June 2010
we had to buy another machine.

When your snack bar depends on popcorn;
you have to be able to make popcorn.

We now use a
Cretors Popcorn machine
cretors headliner  cat# hdl 32fp
 6600 watt  ser# 94095092

It takes 2 lb of kernels to make a full pot.
 March 2013

Chuck bought me
a bigger ice maker

it makes 500 lb a day.
It cost $1400

It cost us around a thousand dollars all together.
This machine - used - sells for over $4000.

We are presently working on other projects in the concession stand, hopefully they can be completed soon.