The lobby measures approx.  16' w  X 15' d.
From the sidewalk, entrance to the lobby 
is through a 2 sets of doors, separated by a single ticket booth.

The concession stand is located on the right as you enter. 
The closet for cleaning supplies is on the left.
The ticket booth has three sections of glass block built into the walls.

Elk Theatre has a sloped terrazzo floor in the lobby, 
and concrete throughout the remaining floors on the first floor of the building. 
Other areas have concrete or wood and carpet.

This theatre was reported to be the first built in the area with the slant floors to the screen, 
we have handicap access into our building, built into the original design of the building. 
A wheelchair can roll from the sidewalk straight through to the auditorium.  

The 3 antique lobby poster frames needed some repairs and had no remaining glass.
We purchased plexiglass in 2008.  We painted the lobby walls a lighter color in Sept. 09.

There are two large doorways that lead from the lobby into the hallway.
The hallway: holds our ice maker & our refrigerator (June 2010), it is our storage and 
access to the stairs that lead to the office and projection room.
It also provides access to restrooms and the two double doors that open into the auditorium.

glass blocks - ticket booth walls
Terrazzo Floor
poster frames


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