The marquee was in bad need of repair! 

The marquee roof was completely rotten and had collapsed. 
All the rotten wood and other debris had to be removed.

The entire marquee was turned on and off together with one breaker. 
[Previous owner replaced the fuses with breakers.1998-2007  They just flipped the breaker to turn it all on.]
It used to trip that breaker if it rained very hard. So of course we had to quickly repair that.

The marquee has four sections of lights;  2 neon signs, 30+ blinkers,  
three square ceiling area lights, and two lighted panels behind the words.
Each section now has new wires and they are on separate switches.

The neons had been broken by vandals, before we purchased the theatre.
So we took them back to Mr. Day, at Day Signs in Charleston WV, 
he needed to repair the neon tubes and refill the neon.
[Mr. Day thinks he made them originally.] 
Also we started with a couple used transformers - couldn't afford new ones.
One side - sometimes just works if it wants too. 
Neon repairs cost us $600.
Several of the sockets for the 50 flashing marquee bulbs were busted and had to be replaced. 
We ordered those new at Moore's Theatre Equipment Co. Charleston WV.

We were able to reuse the very old but working blinker mechanism.
[very cool antique system - makes a funny clicking sound!]
We moved the blinker box inside the building,
it had been located on top the marquee roof in the weather.
We also had to order a lot of 11 watt blinking bulbs and some slotted B 6" Red letters. 
We even have a few black letters because they had no red ones. But at $5 each - you use what you have.
We are currently working toward replacing the three square ceiling area lights,
we have purchased those but haven't had time or money to install those and also put on the new roof.
Those lights will be installed when we can do the roof.

We will then need to repair the broken lighted panel and channels for the words.
Hopefully we can get to all that in the near future.  

most of debris removed

neon broken on both sides 
 neon taken to Day Signs
 neon repaired and shining brightly!